Struggle to know what to buy? Too many confusing and conflicting information being thrown at you constantly?  You can book KT for a “Big Shop” She will go to the supermarket with you and guide you through a weekly shop whether it be for 1 or 10, she will show you what to look for and what to avoid ensuring you stay within if not lower than your budget!!

If like many people, you start the week well then by Wednesday night your starting to get a little “twitchy” and by Thursday the wine and chocolate miraculously made it on your lap, then book a nutrition plan, KT can look at your typical week food diary (be honest!!) and advice you precisely where you’re going wrong – often we are not eating enough food with the correct amount of nutrition benefits.

Need more support? Weekly or fortnightly reviews of your nutrition and exercise can be booked with KT half hour time slots available.