From the age of 23mths when I made my debut on stage as a “strong man” in a circus, I guess everyone around me knew I’d always do something that had an impact on people!! By 10yrs years old I had 3 pantomimes behind me working with Lionel Blair, una Stubbs, Annabel croft, Aiden j Harvey, Craig Douglas and ross davidson to name a few…By 12yrs of age I won a UK scholarship yep 1st out of thousands. The scholarship lead to a modelling contract for the RAD handbook (ballet bible!!!) and I think that was the time in my childhood dancing career that everyone around me at home and dance school knew this was exactly what I was going to do….

The next 4 years I worked hard on my dance exams, completed a cheerleading contract for the one and only Ronald McDonald (don’t laugh) numerous pantomime’s and local shows oh and my GCSE’s!!!

At 17 I auditioned for a dance agency and won my first cruise ship contract…. first of ten ships I worked in 5 years. Lived in Lisburn Portugal, Oporto Portugal, avero Portugal and the big contract BBOSS club Hong Kong where I lived for 2 years working as head dancer in the biggest showgirl cabaret club in there world…..

2001 I came home, after a brief stint doing extra work on TV and a highly embarrassing” cilla black” ITV Christmas day special episode, I knew I had to knuckle down and decide what and where my passion was outside of dance and the arts…..

“keep fit” in my local church hall with my mum on a Monday night £2.50 on the door!!! I bloody loved it – grapevines, spotty dogs and ponies galore, this is where I felt I belonged, still performing but helping people get fit, healthy, strong, supple and more importantly feeling good about themselves…….

The next day I was on the phone to the YMCA centre of excellence where I signed up to my first ever fitness course ……

I’m now 15 years in the business, qualified in most areas of fitness and a fully trained Personal trainer and nutritionist.

I’m extremely proud to say I’m now an international presenter for Trainfitness international having ran courses and worked at conventions in Shanghai china, Riyadh Saudi Arabia and currently Bangkok Taiwan and Blackpool!

I specialise in martial arts training as well as barbell work (obviously love a good dance class too!!!!)

I’m easy going but opinionated too!!

See ya in the studio